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November 08, 2011 Heroes-4 World championship 2011 went to quarter-finals stage. All 8 players are known already. Here is the list of opponents who made it through 2 stages of Championship:
Gustn vs Irisblue
M8mat vs BigAke
Camoes vs Lord Nadicus
Every one of them is a tough player and their fight promises to be very interesting. We wish all players luck, but will root for our favorite fighter.

October 01, 2011 - On-line Heroes 4 World Championship 2011 is about to begin! Registration is now open on following web-sites: Archangel castle, Heroes Leagues, Heroes World, Equilibris (in Russian), Heroes Community, Heroic Corner.

Tournament organizers: Camoes, Havr, Lu41k, M8mat, HeartDe. Tournament Judges: 00Draniki, DJN, Gustn, Shnurov, Zybr. Working version of Heroes IV Equilibris 3.51.

The World championship 2011 is supported by information sponsors: Equilibris, Heroic Corner, Tournament of Honor. General management Oxygen. Execution CTPAHHuK.

March 30, 2011 World championship 2010 is finished. World Championship team expresses gratitude to participants of tournament. Well-known Brazilian player Gustn won the tournament, having defeated not less well-known Portuguese player Camoes. The final game was played on map Lezkandra which was finished really fast to great surprise of most seasoned Heroes-IV players. Gustn made 4 Grandmasters of various magic schools in just 14 days. Player M8mat from France has won a 3-rd place. Our congratulations to the champion 2011 and to prize-winners!

August 28, 2009 - Heroes 4 Online World cup 2009 starts! Registration is open. More than 50 players from 14 countryes are already registred. Equilibris version 3.51 will be used. Organazers: Oxygen, CTPAHHuK, Vsev (Tech. admin)


More info can be found in following forum topics: Archangel castle, Heroes Leagues, Heroes World, Equilibris (in Russian), Equilibris (in English), Heroes Community, Heroi Corner.

January 30, 2008 - We are glad to present you Heroes IV World Championship 2008! There are players already registered from more than 10 countries and 3 continents. Tournament organizers are: Russian Heroes League, French Archangel Castle, Russian Heroes World and Polish General's Guild. Equilibris 3.51 was announced as an official tournament game version. Read more and join this party on Heroes League IV World Championship 2008 page.


March 30, 2007 - Those of you who read forums are probably aware that we are working on economy aspects of the game. The screenshot is an intermediate result of our work. We hope it will give you fresh ideas to discuss.

February 22, 2007 - Today we share a short avi-file. Though it is of moderate quality, you may find it very interesting (Who said "lich"?). Better version with interface in English will appear soon. Watch it in original size and aspect (there is a setting in your videoplayer) for better impression. Remember - this is purely technical demo, don't make hasty conclusions. Download it here.

We were asked about results of our map contest more than once. Today we annonce three maps and their authors, whose works were the best among all we got. We decided not to award authors the first, the second and the third places, because maps were in different categories. Maps are given in alphabetical order below:

Immortal Combat by Dimitris Bacharakis aka insatiable. Pure fight M-size map with some interesting ideas (Creature Spawn Machines, for example) and restrictions. The author could easily not sign his map, his style is unique.

Midsummer Nightmare by Vladimir Kuzmanov aka Vlaad 2005. RPG-style M-size map with underground. "Ajit has grown up in a caravan and raised as a thief. However, his dream is to become the greatest actor in Axeoth! Thus he has decided to act out the greatest battle ever - the battle between Gelu and Kilgor!"

The Heroic's Moor (la lande heroique) by pacobac from Archangelcastle. It is a M-size two-level multiplayer map with a lot of quests, where player has many ways to buld up the army and heroes. Creatures and artifacs from add-ons play very important role in this map.

All these maps will appear in Equilibris. We will continue to work with mapmakers to provide them with the newest versions of map editor and overall support.

July 3, 2006 - One more good news for mapmakers. In Equilibris 3.6 they will have even more power defining Heroes "supply" in taverns. Screenshot shows you the tavern which has two scripted limitations - Thieves are much more expensive, and Archers are unavailable. The conditions can be changed as the time goes and events are triggered. For example, the idea to make all heroes more expensive every new week is very easy to implement with this functionality!

With a little bit more complex scripting you can allow or deny different heroes recruiting to every individual player depending on some conditions, like "reputation" or alliance with some faction. For example, player who fights more Chaos neutrals can be prohibited to recruit Chaos heroes.

June 14, 2006 - Most of the news and discusiions slowly shifted to forums, both English and Russian. Today we want to update our web-site with the info alreday known to our fans and give some new info - it's our official web-site, after all!

The first news comes from our partner sites - and "We are glad to announce the first online tournament between HeroesLeague (RUS) and ArchangelCastle (FRA)." Visit the above mentioned web-sites for detailed info.

Second news is all ours. In this forum thread we published the list of adventure map objects that most likely will be included in Equilibris 3.6. Here is the copy of the post:

Aproximate list of objects, planned for Equilibris 3.6

Object [comments - optional] (probability measure - 5 - almost done, 1- slight chance)

Field Taverns (5)
Walls for adventure map (5)
Creature Dwellings [Megadragon, Sea Monster] (5)
Quest Huts [several] (5)
New types of prison (5)
Bridge crossing (5)
Creature quest huts (5)
Dead creatures [as a decoration] (5)
Decorartion objects [several bushes, logs, mushrooms, etc.] (5)
Statues [3-5] (5)
Creature bank(s) [1-3] (4)
New watch towers [improved, no comments until release] (3)
Single resource markets (2)

One more addition to the map editor (and the game, of course!) will be the invisible, but impassible object. The most obvious way to use it - make some regions impassible without putting a lot of objects fitting to landscape poorly. Another idea - to block "divide-army-cheat". We are sure mapmakers will find more advanced use for this addition. The screenshot displays the way the new object works both in editor and in game.

We present two screeshots today. They feature objects that we promised for the upcoming Equilibris 3.6. The first screenshot shows two new prison types - Ice rock and Sea scull jail. On the second screenshot you can see the field tavern associated with Might town.

April 13, 2006 - There was a "leak" in our forum about different environment effects that Equilibris Team is working on. We present a screenshot with a new object, already known "Easter-island" style statues and fog over swamp. Second screenshot features stand-alone tavern. Inside you will have a choice of heroes similar to the tavern in Academy town.

You are welcome to discuss new screenshots in the corresponding forum thread. By the way, what is that object on the first screenshot? ;)

Feb 01, 2006 - Interesting news from our colleagues from Heroesportal announced an offline tournament devoted to six (!) years anniversary with a prize fund of $100. In this tournament you can not use any property you bought before. Check details on Heroesportal web-site.
Heroes Portal

Some new screenshots today. We think some of them are debatable and want to hear your feedback. First three screenshots display creature banks, and the fourth one - yes! - Sea Monster dwelling.

We want to draw your attention, that our forum moved with all Celestialheavens forums to a new location. Update your bookmarks.

December 06, 2005 - We have determined the best maps among those we received for our contest. After some thorough testing we will announce winners. Though we reveived less maps than we expected (and we were optimistic), their quality is high.

Great screenshot was posted recently on Celestialheavens. Equilibris has moved beyond PC market :)

November 08, 2005 - Our host site - - has posted 2 maps for Equilibris in the recent days. We thought we should repost the news here, so ... here they are:

"Signs of Science" by Rakne Fne: A large singleplayer map (played like extra-large) filled with quests and crazy humour. On higher difficulty levels AI is boosted. The map can be played on WoW or Equilibris. If you play on Equilibris, selecting Life faction will make your life easier, and selecting Death faction - harder.

All combat skills are disabled on this map. Hiring an archer is concidered cheating. If your favourite strategy was developing invincible hack&slash heroes, you'll have a hard time playing this map.

Signs Of Science

"Dancing Crusader" by Grumpy Old Wizard: An extra-large singleplayer map, designed for Equilibris 3.51 or higher, designed for stationary guards and advanced difficulty setting. You can try higher difficulty settings at your own risk.

The map is very story-intensive, script-intensive and combat-intensive. You can expect your heroes to be very well developed by the end of the game - around level 40 in case you play with 3 heroes.

Dancing Crusader

October 29, 2005 - It's two days left till the end of our map-contest. After the 31-st of October we will not accept new participants. All who sent us request will receive two additional weeks to work with a new map-editor. Check you mailboxes - the link is going to arrive very soon. Those who have already sent us their maps, can send a new version. Only the last version takes part in competition.

The number of donations to our prize fund was a sort of indicator for us. We had only ONE donation so far. So the interest to Equilibris map contest is very modest, which is sad. The team will of course add up to the fund.

September 17, 2005 - We have received messages from mapmakers (and expect some more), willing to take part in map contest. We expect tough competition in several contest categories, including single-player XL maps. It took us some more time to prepare map-contest version of campaign editor than we expected. Not to compromise on quality, we decided to extend the deadline for the last time - it's the 31-st of October now.

Any message sent to our contest e-mail till the end of September should be copied to this address in order to ensure it's delivery.

September 15, 2005 - Heroes fans, who follow news about the development of HoMM-V, already know about stolen version of the game being sold in several cities. This is an old version, Nival says it is the first "Playable Demo". Salesmen assure clients it's "alpha" version (I found "alpha" 4 times on the cover). We decided to post a cover of the CD, so you know what you see when you see it.

Nival urges you not to buy this pirated product, besause "you will neither find new information about Heroes-V, nor have the pleasure of playing this very early version." Well, even though it does provide some information about the development ideas, I have to agree about very doubtful pleasure of playing it.

September 13, 2005 - If you are here, you either create maps or you play them. Either way, you must be interested in our map contest. For those who make maps, we posted new information about the special version of map editor. For those who want great maps for our map pack, but do not want to create maps themselves, we posted information how to make a contribution to our prize fund.

Here you can find our updated map contest page.

Dear mapmakers, who intend to take part in our contest! Please send us a message, so we know your e-mail address and send you a link to the map editor upload. We also need to know how many maps we will have to evaluate, to plan our time and resources. Thank you.

August 25, 2005 - Rules of our map contest can be found on special page. The deadline for submitting maps hase been postponed to Sunday, the 16-th of October.

3 new screenshots today. The left screenshot shows Nature tavern - a place to hire heroes of Nature, Chaos and Life alignments. Screenshot in the middle shows new types of quest objects. Stonehenge on Salisbury Plain, England, was the source of inspiration. The right screenshot shows another type of "stonehenge" altar, surrounded by Easter-island-like statues.

As you probably know already, Ubisoft has announced Heroes-V betatest subscription open (if you missed the news - go directly to CelestialHeavens homepage). What is of particular interest to Equilibris Team is that Equilibris Mod (just as Wake of Gods) is almost officially confirmed to be on par with official Heroes addons - "Gathering Storm" and "Winds Of War".

July 19, 2005 - few more screenshots.

The first screenshot presents the long-awaited feature, allowing to distinguish between visited and not visited Oracles (will be implemented in Equilibris 3.6).

The second screenshot presents new kind of walls for adventure maps.

June 29, 2005 - The second news for mapmakers we promised last time is more important.

We announce an Equilibris map contest. There will be no special topic for this contest. There will be no limits to your imagination, like only singleplayer maps, only M and L maps or anything like that. Your skills, your imagination, your ideas and your energy are the only things that will matter in this contest.

Winner maps will be included in Equilibris final version map pack. The last day we accept contest maps - 31-st of August, 2005.

In fact, we want to widen the range of your possibilities in our map contest even more. Soon after the release of Equilibris 3.6 with some new content we are going to release a very special product for those who take part in this contest - map editor with more even more content, than in Equilibris 3.6. You'll have more possibilities to implement your mapmaking ideas than ever before.

We are going to form a special fund to offer prizes to winners. Of course, we can't do it without community support. In the next few days we'll post detailed instructions how to do it. If you decide to contribute, you'll have the opportunity to define who would get your contribution - the winner in multiplayer maps category, for example, or the winner of singleplayer M-sized maps in Spanish category. We'll follow your instructions, if possible.

We know that people all over the world play Heroes of Might and Magic - IV. We expect that a lot of people from different countries will be willing to take part in our contest. But we will be able to process maps only in Russian and English. Not to exclude the rest of talented mapmakers from our contest, we apply to all community leaders. Help your language version of Equilibris not to lose the best maps in your language! Contact us and we will find a way to cooperate in this contest.

If you consider taking part in this contest - you may start your map today. After we upload a special editor - you will be able to switch to a new editor freely.

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