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Every version of Equilibris Mod includes installer and uninstaller. Please, read the FAQ section, as this will help you to avoid most common mistakes.

install_equilibris_v3.51.exe - The last version of the mod (from October 12, 2004). English,Russian&French versions. 3 946 766 link


You will need to download these files in self-extracting archives to install Equilibris or activate some of it's new features.

heroes4_sfx.exe - heroes4.exe file of Heroes 4: Winds of War. This file is compatible with any version of "WoW" and any language. 2 403 446 link
camp_ed_sfx.exe - campaign_editor.exe file of Heroes 4: Winds of War. This file is compatible with any version of "WoW" and any language. 1 483 702 link
updates_sfx.exe - This resource file is needed to install Equilibris on Standard unpatched Heroes without TGS or WoW 12 798 623 link
equi.aop - configuration file for Heroes 4 Camaign Editor version 3.51. This file will reconfigure your map editor layout to contain new sections and new adventure objects, grouped in a simple way. Place the file in the Data folder, overwriting the old one (which you may want to back up first). [Oct 12, 2004] 179 282 link


FaceTool_v1.1.exe - The tool described in news from October 18, 2004 377 856 link


eq_cl_33.exe - Advanced Classes table 106 517 link


This is the list of very unusual saves. Every single one of them is really something! No doubt you have never seen anything like this before! They do not even require Equilibris - standard Heroes from 3DO are enough.

Minotaurs unleashed! 100% physical attack resistance - jokes aside! 36 613 link
Save demonstrating minotaur's "block" ability given to artifact. 21 990 link
Have you seen the map "The Eternal Struggle"? In this save barbarians will easely find out who is the big boss. 22 560 link
Are you sure that Megadragon has only 50% magic resistance?... 27 130 link
Absolutely no limits! Must see! 34 413 link
Simply cool arena! There is nothing unusual, but I like it. Worth seeing. 86 785 link