Your ideas about monsters

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Your ideas about monsters

Post by CTPAHHuK »

Pacobac wrote:Haven
Monks could cost lesser: 500gold
The famous crusader very big now!!! could cost more : 700 gold on growth 5 by week

Vvampire need be better, cost 1000 gold and growth 4 by week

Oon random MP, bad luck for player who ablle to play with vampire and bone dragons, very weack on final battle without moral (+10 attack for other level 4, faster and bigger than dead creatures..)

Dark champion are very strong agaisnt neutral army but weak on final human battle as other dead....good changes is decrease the xp dark champion (1000 to 850-900) have more of them

Ogremagy are good now could cost more 500 or 550 gold
Cyclopes better growth 4 by week
No prerequite for nomade and harpy dweling
only citadelle prerequite to built thunder

Litle ideas to have beter barbarians, weak on equilibris multiplayer map.....
1...growing the ogremagy mana (5 to 10) all heroes in internal tavern (2000 gold)
3...possibly buying some scrolls in workshop
Last suggest before rush..... mermaid and sea monster could go on see since land

Don't make efreets weaker, they are already too weak for what they cost

850 gold for 1840 HP(80x23) and an average 375(10-20x25) damages whereas the nightmare cost 800 gold for 2200 HP(110x20) and an average 437(12-26x23) damages.

About experience
Monk: 60hp (now 55) & adv_mov 23 (now 21)
Catapult: adv_mov 20 (now 17)
Gargantuan: adv_mov 23 (now 21)
Megadragon: about 2000xp (now 1500xp)
Mummy: 35xp (now 28xp)
Mage: 44xp (now 39xp)

What do you think of that
sprite : growth : 18, can cast mana flare, mana : 5
leprechaun : immune against misfortune, bonus in luck +1
elf : damages : 3-5, the dwelling should be easier to get
satyr : immune against sorrow, bonus in morale +1
waspwort : growth : 6, move on adventure map : 20
faerie dragon : can cast misfortune(but not mass misfortune)
gargantua : move in battle : 5, shots : 10 or 12

balista : doesn't affect the morale of friendly units, move on adventure map : 18
crusader : growth : 5
monk : spellcaster (exorcism/mass exorcism, displacement, steal enchantment), mana : 8
champion : spellcaster on the adventure map (visions, endurance), +1 morale for the army
catapult : move on adventure map : 20

genie : The fact they can have mass slow makes evil sorceress less good.
naga : the dwelling should need a prerequite(alchemist's shop or treasury for example)
golem dragon : 50% magic resistance (since they are golem and built by dwarves)
titan : can cast chain lightning(63 damages per titan), mana : 14
evil sorceress : can cast berserk

cerberus : attack : 18, speed : 7, move in battle : 8
ghost : damages : 3-5
gargoyle : magic resistance : 50%
venom spawn : immune against poison

pirate : no boarding/unboarding penalty,move further on sea
nightmare : -1 morale for the enemies
efreeti : speed : 8, spellcaster (disrupting ray/mass disrupting ray, inferno (10 damages per efreeti) or firewall), mana : 10

harpy:the dwelling should be easier to get
nomad: increases the vision ray by 1, no terrain penalty, the dwelling should be easier to get
cyclop : attack : 30
behemoth : destroys a door in one hit
your efreetis seem too strong, dont forgot on MP, we choose them 80% of time, (maybe just increase their power shield: 33 to 44%), better move for nigthmar to 26, same for licorne and champion, move is too important on Mp, i think we need decrease this fact...

vampire: growth: 4/week, one is 1000 gold
dark champion are too experienced, 1000 to 800, growth: 2/ week
momies are too low experienced
ghost dragon are too expensive for their power (4000 to 3500)

catapult are too experienced, 800 to 600 (very weack level 4)

We dont need new faction, but new creatures could be good:
level 1,2,3 to academy
level 2,3 to haven
beautiful lich to necropole
level 1,2,3 to barbarians
add tgs and wow creatures...... (darck champions, big gobelins.....)

is it possible to add wow creatures on next equilibris ?

good job dream team......
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Post by pacobac »

i think adding new linked creatures for "power" castle as haven or academy, is better equilibration

when external dwelling are random, more different dwelling castle have, less chance to had massive army.....
equilbris 3.6 for 2009 !!!
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Post by JSP »

not agree for:

augment the expense of Ogremagy, it's their main trump

not sure that it is necessary to touch the growth of the Cyclopses, but they can augment expense

augment gargantua mov, or they will be too strong

i think it's better if venoms are vulnerables to poison

very good ideas for all rest!
easy to ask the hard question...
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Post by Mosqua »

Cyclopes is so strong! My idea - give for cyclopes "short range" or dampen HP, attack and defence. Ogremage can have "random curse".

Nomad quickly to die. If he have more HP or defence - more valuable than now.

Wolf and halfing can have "stealth" - wolf is sweet predator, in turn halfing this is Frodo and company and they were good in stealth.

Minotaur is so slow and have so little defence. Because medusa have "stone gas" is more powerful than the Minotaur so she can little attack and population.

"Cave dweller" - this creatures abilites not use in game. You know what this is?
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Post by mohsinj677 »

8) This post is so great and nice :P

Nomad quickly to die. If he have more HP or defence - more valuable than now.

Wolf and halfing can have "stealth" - wolf is sweet predator, in turn halfing this is Frodo and company and they were good in stealth.
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Your ideas about monsters

Post by Debrakab »

i try explain......

it work only on battle, the heroe dress it, can move negate agressive aera of adversary monsters, undertsand ?

seem like negate red arrow on adventure map
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