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Fan created hero - Face Tool - Dark Mephala.
Fan created hero - Face Tool - Akira.
Fan created hero - Face Tool - Drifton.
Fan created hero - Face Tool - Terris.
Fan created hero - Face Tool - Orbis.
A new type of statue - Golden Archangel.
Another type of archangel statue - silver Archangel.
Stone statue of powerful megadragon.
Icebridges can melt, if mapmakker wants them to. And then instead of dryland passage you get water passage.
Crossbridges will allow mapmakers create passages and mazes, not using underground layer. One can create maps with perfect scouting over enemy's land, still not allowing "owner" to attack "scouts".
Monk Hero lvl.25 may look like this. Look at resistance, defence and speed modifiers - they are from level-ups only.
More info about Gold Golems.
Griffin and cruel desert.
Necromants in Equilibris can raise zombies, mummies...
...and gargoyles.
Ogre-Mage in Equilibris.
This screenshot speaks for itself.
New adventure object experiment - lord's estate.
New artifact experiment - Recycle bin. :)
Megadragon Dwelling experiment
New Quest Hut experiment
Table in russian can be translated as "Quests can be gained here"
New spells in chaos magic school- Hydra Health and Smoke
Expirements with Earth Elementals- new abilities
Experiments with creature hiring in towns
Experiment with frenzied gnashers- new ability: charge
Experiments with 'mass spells'- Icicles (mass ice bolt)
Experiments with 'mass spells'- Thunderstorm (mass lightning)
Experiments with 'mass spells - Mass dragon strength
Experiments with necromancy - raising bone dragons
Experiments with artifacts- an artifact that gives hero Sea Monster's ability (devouring)
Experiments with creature portal- summoning vampires